Essential things that a nurse must carry along at each moment

If you are new to the field of nursing, you must be wondering what to carry along each moment in your bag. If you want to start ahead, first, you need to understand what a nurse should have to be ready for every situation of life. If you have the right tools in your hand, you can efficiently respond to the case very efficiently. A human usually carries his or her stuff along, but what will help them to prove that they are on the duty of a nurse? These things are essential for doing a job efficiently.

Here we compile a list of personal stuff that a nurse must have every time along with her either on or off duty. 


Stethoscopes are one of the essential tools to carry along for a nurse. It is the only tool that accurately determines what the present condition of a person is. It is a necessary tool for the assessment of the patient.

Medical gloves

If you wear gloves during treatment, then there is no other best option than this one. It keeps you safe every time whenever you are looking out for a patient and touching their inner tissues and blood. Broken skin would have developed many bacteria touching bare hands on them is not a good idea. Thus if you wear gloves, then bacteria will not harm you after you dispose of them. 

Scissor and the medical tape

Scissors are an essential part of the medical field to cut out bandages, make the dressing, cut medical gauge, and much more. For emergencies, nurses must carry them along every time in their bags. Specifically, these are important for wound care. Micropore tape is another essential requirement of the nurse bag, especially when a patient pulls his IV. At that time, the medical tape is the basis of all other things. 

Disinfecting wipes

As per the duty of a nurse, it is imperative to keep disinfecting wipes in the bag every time. Make sure these fall under high-grade and medical-grade disinfecting wipes. These disinfecting wipes help in killing various germs and viruses to 99.999%. The wipes should not have any bleach properties, nor should they have alcohol. Thus there could be no safety issues if you have disinfecting wipes along with you. Also, the wipes pack does not take a lot of space inside the bag. Hence, you nurses can carry along these wipes with them. 

Hand sanitizer

It usually happens that in a hurry, nurses forget to clean and sanitize their hands. But it’s imperative to keep clean throughout the day. Thus, they must keep a sanitizer in their bags. It helps to keep your patients in a good condition. A sanitizer is only meant to keep you clean and germ-free so that no contagious agent would affect you. 

Retractable or permanent markers

Make sure the pens a nurse is carrying along with her should work adequately to write fast. It should not get leaked. A pen helps a nurse to gather everything that she has grasped during her duty time. You need to understand which pen will work well for you. 


A hemostat is the best equipment when clamping the catheter bags or the clamping bags in many of the situations. It is perfect for crushing the pills.


You should never rely on someone to help you in the dark either you are in a hospital or somewhere else. The compact lights present here are perfect for neurologic assessment or to find out a big pile in the dark area. These penlights are a must to carry along every time. 

IV caps

It is good to keep several coloured caps inside the pocket, and thus nurses can save themselves. It will even help you to know which items prevent the spread of germs. 

A Watch

For an ideal nurse, it is essential to be on time every day and second. To save the life of a patient, each second matters, and thus if a caretaker will show carelessness, then it will risk their patients. The watch helps them to keep track of everything. But make sure you watch must not get exposed to the harmful chemicals and the blood. But for that, you may even go for a smartwatch. It will convey a message to you to know who has been calling or saying something to you regarding some emergency.

A Water Bottle

If you are busy with work, then it does not mean you do not take care of yourself. Generally, we see nurses recommending to drink 3-4 litres of water every day to stay fit and healthy and efficiently against a disease. But what if they do not take care of themselves? On duty, dehydration is the worst case if you don’t have time to care for yourself. Do not work with a dry mouth; otherwise, it would lead to dizziness.  

So finally, gather different products in your bag.

In a bag of a nurse, it is essential to have one pen working smoothly without a problem, your ID, a bandage scissor, and bandage itself. On your phone too, you must have some medical e-books and a dictionary installed to help you every time. How can one forget about keeping a sanitizer? It is essential to keep yourself germs free first, and then only you can treat with hygiene situation. As a nurse, she is always loaded with the work to take care of several patients at a single time. Hence, they must keep different devices in the bag that would help in the efficient treatment of a person. During emergencies, it also is essential for nurses to stay active every time. Thus it is crucial to have different listed products in your bag every time. Everything for a caretaker, either he is a doctor or a nurse, should keep their gloves with them to take out and give treatment to the patients. 

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