Nurses Recognition is Vital in the Pandemic Spread of COVID-19

To the whole world, COVID-19 has affected with such an adverse impact that people are afraid to move out of their houses. Moreover, daily reports say that around one lakh new cases arise every day. World Health Organisation has also raised risk levels to lives due to COVID-19 from emotional issues to high-intense. And presently we have been going through threat to world lives. COVID-19 interrupted many experiences with the current efforts made to prevent lives that are not still successful. 

The rate of spread of infections is down now in China but is a significant problem in other countries. This means all the staff members and the nurses have been adjusting with their work to manage their responsibilities very well. 

How have been nurses helped in the treatment of COVID-19?

  • Nurses have put their best efforts to manage the health problem of Coronavirus. It is a highly challenging condition for both patients, doctors, and nurses who are to take care of each person. None to date would have thought that one day they will focus on the nurses with the spread of such a pandemic disease. 
  • Our media is full of the highlights of the everyday rising cases and the caretakers of the patients with corona positive results. Nurses have been working selflessly to provide proper care to their patients, working consistently. Many of them do not even go for sleep even for one minute a day as they have occupied themselves with their responsibilities. 
  • Worldwide, nurses have direct contact with WHO asking for the various techniques to help out people with accurate advice and care. 

Nurses work to reduce risk to life for those who are on the front line

  • Nurses are the primary working staff in this pandemic disease care. Everyone appreciates the considerable sacrifice of their crucial time for the patients. Even many of them have lost their lives while caring for the patients. 
  • However, while doing duty and the tragedy of death with infection of the nurses, it is very heartbreaking. Thus, it is essential to care for them, too, and ensure that there is no chance of happening the tragedy with maximum cases. 
  • Even many organizations have been taking steps that urge the national government and other organizations to ensure that nurses should be given a break with several shifts in the work. It will help them to work even more efficiently for their patients.  ICN is also working to prioritize the provisions of PPE. 
  • With the rising demands for the care has to lead a stressful life to the nurses to look after thousands of patients in one day. Also, this has raised psychological issues to the nurses’ health. 
  • The lifestyle of people has changed over time, but for nurses, it has been the same still. We must be grateful to the nurses for such care and their passion for the responsibilities. 

It’s time to care, not panic.

  • The profession of the nurses has proved to be the most trusted one. Presently, nurses have been working in such a way that they provide preventive hygiene to their patients. Nurses have now shown their best health promotion skills for the concern of patients. 
  • They have been consistently asking people not to panic as it’s time to show care to help others. They usually say that coughing and sneezing are for catching, killing it, and then dispose of it. People should follow up with proper hand wash techniques to avoid severe issues of COVID-19.
  • It is not sure when this problem of a pandemic will move down, but the experiences of nurses have given us a clue that it’s imperative to reduce the spread of Coronavirus; otherwise, it will destroy the whole world. 

Nurses have best shown their abilities during the pandemic spread

  • Patients generally put all their responsibilities on the nurses once they get admitted to the hospital. This nursing staff is working for the whole day and night shifts. Also, patients depend entirely on the nurses, no matter what the situation could be currently. They provide excellent care with their compassion. 
  • Show constant gratitude to the nurses to keep in mind that how they work with very few resources during this pandemic spread time. 
  • Even at many places, nurses have received awards to encourage them to complete their work without causing serious issues to their lives. It will help nurses to work through such a stressful experience and maintain their reputation as they have to date. 

All the staff have joined together to save people

Nurses have never been off duty regarding their responsible work. They will even keep continuing with it. Daily, they take one step ahead and step up whenever their patients need their help. Positive views from the people have also encouraged them to work more efficiently. 

Show humble behavior to the nurses as you can also see news from different nations with the images of exhausted images of the nurses, but still, they have continued with it. 

Why don’t we start recognizing them every day for showing such dedication of the nurses towards their work? However, until that time, we can only think of the future that is ready to come next. You may even provide your best support to the colleagues who are suffering from this pandemic spread.   

What do people say about nurse care for suffering people?

  • We are very thankful to the nurses for curing them with virus issues. They have put their lives to risk for saving others. In this dark time, doctors and the whole staff have been working 24 hours without sleep, which is very evident. 
  • We are very thankful and lucky to have such nurses to support them every time and risking themselves. Also, we ask them to stay safe.
  • These remarkable sacrifices by the nurses have proved to be very grateful, which has kept them secure within such a crisis. They are serving people selflessly. 
  • In this vulnerable time, we appreciate your efforts. Other people are staying home to be safe, but you people are helping us and are never off duty.
  • It has been a big stressful time for us to stay at work and are afraid of this pandemic spread. But your calmness has won our hearts. You, with your brave attitude, has saved our lives. 
  • Your dedication and the selfless situation have even encouraged us a lot to appreciate and help others. We appreciate your devotion to the work. 

Nurses have been working in this hard time. But one thing you can do to reduce their working hours and help them stay safe is following proper precautions to keep yourself safe. It’s better to quarantine yourself until the situations handled correctly. Wash your hands properly and do not touch hands on your mouth, nose, and eyes. It’s good to maintain social distancing with others such that 

The fundamental practice for washing hands is still applied during this time of COVID-19 pandemic. It includes hand washing, learning from the present situation, to maintain a good standard of being hygienic always, and much more. 

Nurses deserve a lot for their hard work to save lakhs of lives of the people. Hats off to pay such hard work.

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